Scam Definitions and Typologies Guide




Jane Cummins

New payment scams are trending up and existing ones are gaining traction as faster payments are adopted globally. Brought to you by The Knoble and NICE Actimize, access this comprehensive list of scams and typologies put together by industry experts.

“Scam Definitions & Typologies” covers the many forms of payment scams that have been plaguing financial institutions. This go-to guide provides valuable assistance in these key areas:

  • Comprehensive Scam Type Analysis, delivering a granular-level fraud label on various scam types and variations

  • Enhanced Consumer Loss Categorization, offering robust reporting classification to facilitate categorizing consumer losses, which supports targeted consumer education and awareness initiatives

  • Effective Typology Tagging, enabling the development of strategy execution through precise typology tagging and analysis

Stay informed of the last scams with this guide.

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