The ever-increasing prevalence of fraud poses significant challenges for financial institutions in Asia. As they grapple with this epidemic, clarity on their potential obligations, changing liability-sharing models, and the role of data-driven countermeasures need to be thoroughly examined.

In this webinar, our panel of experts will discuss these issues amid an evolving landscape as well as the proactive fraud detection and prevention strategies FIs are using, leveraging advanced technologies and greater industry collaboration. We explore how FIs can mitigate risk, protect their customers, and contribute to a more secure financial landscape in APAC.

  • Examining the growing threat of fraud, emerging trends, and the impact to FIs in Asia
  • Analysing regional and international liability sharing models and how these impact the obligations of FIs
  • Exploring the use of advanced technologies for fraud detection and prevention
  • Emphasising the benefits of collaboration and information sharing, and established recovery mechanisms
  • Examining strategies and best practices for strengthening fraud detection and prevention
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